4 hottest HR trends to watch out in 2019

As employers find it challenging to hire individuals, here are the upcoming trends in HR.

Today, HR professionals are not just looking for employers that offer fat paychecks.

They’re more concerned about engagement and promoting wellness.

Technology is making strides in the current competitive market; people who are adapting to newer technologies remain to be the hottest trend.

Here are the top four HR tech trends you need to watch out for:

👉Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing, a subset of artificial intelligence provides software with the ability to comprehend the human language in either spoken or written form.

For instance, a recruitment chatbot can pick up a conversation with the applicants for the initial stage like asking them for their resume, contact information, knowledge, skills, and even inquiring regarding the candidate’s experience to scheduling interviews with the recruiter.

As technology keeps growing, NLP will be applied in several areas of human resources.

The rise of natural language processing has transformed the way workers perform tasks.

Automated chatbots are now used frequently by many businesses. Such practices will enhance HR in becoming responsive.

👉Talent analytics

The HR tech is on the verge of taking people analytics to a different overall horizon. From predictive analytics to the generation of talent analytics.

Several HR functions today are engaged in producing analytics. However, the usage is on the lower side. Reason being an organisation gets laid back in selling one or more product.

Working with data has laid down a great foundation to the HRs, allowing them to understand talent insight and the way businesses function.

👉Augmented analytics

Augmented analytics is a whole new class of smart software offering HR professionals as well as people leaders a better way to analyse their data and draw a conclusion out of it.

You can easily automate insight using machine learning and NLP using augmented analytics.

According to Belong, augmented analytics projects itself to be the next wave of disruption in the field of data and analytics job market.

This will help HR technology build and scale up their team in pretext to present insights to customers or stakeholders take a better decision.

👉Practical AI

With the hype and the buzz around AI in 2018, 2019 now is said to be the year for realistic AI.

HR leaders will now have to focus more on the technology and how this will solve the problems that leaders and professionals in the HR domain are facing.

Though the hype is here, it will still take time to cause an impact.

The fact that we know what is and what will come to be tomorrow, organisations should focus on fulfilling the needs of tomorrow.

Human Resource Professional. Passionate about Human Resources. Writing has always been a passion with strong interest in talent management & HR Industry.

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