The growing latest certifications are providing some impressive benefits of a centralized system with a single, trusted certification platform. These global talent management platforms provide a perfect way to gain credentials in terms of cost and time savings, better organizational control, and many more opportunities for improvement.

Global HR practice…

The job of HR professionals was in the early years considered to be essentially an extension of administration. They handled routine tasks such as interviews, filling open job positions, appraisals, and salary disbursal. The skill requirements were not considered much beyond being a people’s person and comfortable handling workforce concerns.

HR was previously considered effectively a part of corporate administration, handling routine tasks such as interviews, onboarding, appraisals, leave management, and exits. And most people perceived the main task of HR to be that of filling open job positions within an organization.

Over the years, the tasks handled by the…

Amelia Jackson

Human Resource Professional. Passionate about Human Resources. Writing has always been a passion with strong interest in talent management & HR Industry.

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