Career in HR — Is It the Right Choice for You in 2021?

HR and Talent Management have come up as the most lucrative career choices amid coronavirus crisis and will continue to rule in 2021. Are you ready?

Coronavirus crisis has put the human resources on the forefront. Where it was just one of those departments that took care of the people’s side of the business, the global pandemic had made the organizations realize the importance of human resources department in an organization.

In the present world, career in HR is considered as both challenging and rewarding at the same time. From taking care of administrative issues in the company to being a strategic partner in the important business decision, HR professional, in the current world take care of lot more as compared the past.

Sounds interesting?

So are you planning a career in HR? Yes, then read on…

As mentioned earlier that a career in HR can be both rewarding and challenging, the question is — Are you ready for both the reward and the challenge?

Are you sure about your career choice or are you wondering whether HR is the career for you or not?

You need to ask these eight questions to yourself and find their answers honestly before you think about a career in HR. But before that just remember that being an HR professional is no cake walk.

Understandable, considering the amount of responsibilities the HR professional has to undertake — it can be a daunting task — if you are not a people’s person, if you can’t multitask. The roles and responsibilities can be as diverse and exciting depending upon the organization you choose to work for, however, the prerequisites remain same.

Over the last few years, another aspect of HR is gaining importance. Talent Management is another aspect of HR that has gained importance and especially during the pandemic.

Not surprisingly, the HR and Talent Management will continue to grow strong in 2021 as well. So if you are planning a career in HR then this is the right time to get into HR and talent management.

Without any further ado, let’s check out if you are fit for the role of an HR and talent management. The eight questions to ask include –

1. Am I business savvy?

2. Am I a strategic thinker?

3. Am I a great decision maker?

4. Can I keep secrets?

5. Am I a problem solver?

6. Do I love being with people?

7. Do I love data and research?

8. Am I approachable?

When you have found satisfactory answers to these eight questions, remember then you are ready for a career in HR. However, for a rewarding career in HR, this is not all. You need a degree in HR as well as HR and talent management certifications to assure your prospective employer that you are fit for the role and are serious about your profession.

Remember: HR professional is needed in almost all the types of organization and depending on the size of the company you will be involved in either one or numerous functions mentioned below.

👉Employee training

👉Maintaining effective employee relations

👉Maintaining industrial relations as well

👉Taking care of Payroll

👉Maintaining the performance records for performance evaluation

👉Effectively engaging employees

👉Recruitment is one of the oldest and the important part of an HR professional’s life

👉Taking care of pensions

👉Managing talent is one of the new roles

👉Taking care of learning and development of employees

👉Deep understanding of employee law

👉Ensuring that organization also develops and grows

👉Last but definitely not the least especially during COVID times is the well-being of employees both physically and mentally.

These are some of the roles that you may have to don as an HR. And to prepare best for these roles it is advisable to up your learning curve through some of the best HR and talent management certifications in India and the US.
Reason: HR and Talent management certification will be your validated proof that you are dedicated to your profession and are serious about your role in the industry.

In addition, certification in talent management from Talent Management Institute will serve as your ready reckoner both in India and the US that you are a dedicated HR professional.

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