Don’t underestimate HR professionals: Reasons Why HRs Need to be at the Top-level

HR is not just about HR anymore. The human resources commence with business and end with business and for every business, it is a product of its context. But due to digital transformation, even the human resources field is undergoing a drastic transformation. It has been more than a decade that the scope of human resources has transformed from transactional to strategic adding roles impacting the businesses of today. The HR is an integral part of businesses.

For the past thirty years, HR professionals and HR leaders have been going through a war for talent. The war for talent is not just about managing people but about managing the entire organization that converts people into organizational capabilities. Yet, the HR department still struggles creating value to be at the top-level management.

The emergence of digitization calls for competency in the industry. However, to respond to the industry’s expectations and opportunities HR professional must now refocus their vision to build effective HR departments.

Why HRs need to be at the management table?

Earlier, the human resources professionals’ role was limited to administrative and transactional function. But off late, things have drastically changed, whereby HR professional now is valued and seen as a strategic partner by most organizations. Employers have started realizing the significance of an HR in developing the organization’s strategy and handling employee-centered activities.

Well, when was the last time that you’ve been asked to be an integral part of everyday operations? If it isn’t today, then probably it’s already been too long.

Being in the HR domain, we shouldn’t step back irrespective of what the company is made of, the services offered and the kind of structure it adopts. At the end of the day, people are the heart of businesses without whom running a business would highly be impossible.

All things said, here are five key points why HRs must be given priority of setting their feet at the top level in a company.

1. Act as a mediator to the CEO — As a HR leader, one can easily discuss the strategy with the CEO and come up with a solution that will instigate the growth of the company.

2. Provide suggested ways that will engage personnel — To offer a suggestion is a different thing and to predict how the personnel reacts to it is another, but to consider how to implement it is entirely a different thing. A good HR leader will always lend an ear and understand the criticalities faced by employees.

3. Great motivators — Every individual has the right to move from one role to another. Nobody expects to have a job for life, yet too often most employers still haven’t figured out how important it is for them to have these employees working for the company. The next battle will be with the talent — the best gets it all. The next generation of CEOs are predicted to be more successful, meaning directors will have to set different parameters to achieve what is best for them.

4. Keeping away companies to commit the same mistake twice — If you go through research articles or blogs you will notice that HR has changed the world in ways one cannot even imagine. It is amazing how former HR directors have taken a step ahead and got into positions such as CEOs. Isn’t it great news for people looking to grow towards the HR leadership roles?

5. Reputation — Employers need to know what they need for the employee they hire. Businesses must ensure that they deliver the set expectation at every level, even the boardroom.

A lot of the human resources department is focused towards paving a pathway to generate a culture that stays in sync with the current workforce. How adept can an individual get by simply going through blogs or reading a lot? While there is a limitation to how much a person can gain knowledge just be reading, it is also crucial that the individual upskills oneself to meet the demands of the newer job market. While the HR department is going through a transitional phase, the only possible way for an HR professional build their career is by taking up certifications that is recognized and accredited worldwide.

Pursuing global HR certification courses are best ways to let the world know you have the knowledge and skills to conquer the HR world. Let me remind you, certifications are voluntary. However, if you’re looking to get into the top-level management and enhance your skillset then you might need to go through some of the best certifications that is available today.

The new paradigm shift in the HR domain has instigated candidates to reskill themselves. Owing to which companies, will not be able build their businesses without considering the human side. Let me list down some of the best HR certifications human resources professionals need to consider today. For instance, Talent Management Institute (TMI) and The Association for Talent Development (ATD) claims to be few of the world’s largest and prestigious associations geared towards developing talent in organizations. Taking up a credible certification from any one of these resources will definitely help you stay in ranks and earn job positions such as HR directors and CEOs etc.

Are you holding back your employees or moving them up towards the career ladder?



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