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  • Swechha Mohapatra

    Swechha Mohapatra

    HRTech evangelist | Thought Leader | Passionate about HR and Technology

  • Neelie Verlinden

    Neelie Verlinden

    HR Tech enthusiast. Content creative. Language nerd.

  • Adrian Tan

    Adrian Tan

    Regional Leader - Client Solutioning at PeopleStrong | Creator of SG HRTech Map | Jobs commentator on ChannelNewsAsia

  • Vedant Dwivedi

    Vedant Dwivedi

    Finance Manager by profession, Finance blogger by passion. Connect with me https://www.linkedin.com/in/vedant-dwivedi-3b629b231/

  • Emily Joe

    Emily Joe

    Data scientist, Interested in real world Machine learning, AI and Data science problems.

  • Chopra Divyaa

    Chopra Divyaa

    Divyaa is a professional writer, the blogger who writes for a variety of online publication on a variety of topics. #Businessstragy #Strategies

  • Sara Coene

    Sara Coene

    I’m a Behavioral Change Designer @ the Change Designers (.eu). I write about #OrganisationalChange #EX #CX #UserAdoption #essentialism #Nederlandsefictie

  • Shamar M

    Shamar M

    Based in the UK. BSc Psychology. PG DIP HR Management. Chief of publication The First Time.

  • Jeffrey Fermin

    Jeffrey Fermin

    Howdy 👋🏼 I’ve been in HR Tech since 2011 when I co-founded Officevibe (left 2016) | Trying to make the future of work the present | Let’s talk people ops 💬

  • The Stable of Leadership

    The Stable of Leadership

    Bettering the organization starts with me. Thoughts are the author’s and do not reflect DoD or the US Army.

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