Revamp Your Talent Management and HR prowess: Top 10 LinkedIn Groups to Watch Out in 2019

Is there any professional network that is important to the recruiters apart from LinkedIn? The answer might differ from person to person. LinkedIn is a recruiter’s go-to platform for building a network of professionals, connecting and sourcing candidates. Not just this, but it is a platform that has the latest news on the industry trends along with helping one grow their own personal brand. Having around 530 million users, it is considered the world’s largest professional social network with 98% of recruiters using this platform as their sourcing tool.

With astounding numbers that you’ve just seen, it is likely to say that you’re one of those recruiters who have been taking the leverage of using this platform to source the right talent. If not, you might need to revisit. LinkedIn has not just become a professional networking platform, it has also become an international phenomenon with linking professionals. But hey, did you know that there’s another feature that can help grow the HR talent management? LinkedIn groups. Fortunately, the digital platform offers boundless opportunities for HR professional and talent management professional.

LinkedIn groups help establish yourself as an industry expert, learn, grow, and connect with like-minded people. These groups are specialized in varied disciplines, and professionals in the human resources are no exception. They’re equally good, be it providing information on hiring practices, HR podcast recommendations, or maybe even building your own set of team, the HR is on the rescue.

Still not convinced?

Check out these must-join LinkedIn groups that will change your human resources perspective today:

👉The network

Probably this is one of the largest recruiting groups available on LinkedIn with 825,000 members altogether. This group is being managed by a community called global recruitment platform that provides news on recruiting, best HR practices along with networking. However, this group has been promoted as a place where one can recruit, hunt a job, find headhunters. Therefore, it might be time taking as you would need to sift through many job seekers and candidates just to find the right and professional content.

👉World of Talent Management

As modern businesses are stressing their focus on HR talent management, there are certain challenges that are different from the past years. This group is for everyone on the human resources fraternity. If organizations do not have the capability to churn out the right talent, they will never be able to move their business forward. Having said, this group not only keeps you updated with the latest industry trends but also offers a platform to harness the ongoing scenario around the world.


This group is directly connected to the website that is specifically dedicated to help people from all around the world share whatever knowledge they have on all HR disciplines. This group is also open for people outside the HR world.

👉The Recruitment Network

A group that brings around people who are interested to pursue open networking opportunities with an interest that defines the atmosphere of integrity and transparency.

👉Human Resources Management & Executive Network

Looking to stay connected and built a network that is exclusively meant for HR leaders? This group is ideal for sharing ideas and discussing the subjects with higher management level experts. Becoming a member provides the advantage of staying connected with the peers. It also provides you with the trends and initiatives that might further be beneficial for your HR professional career.

👉HR Manager Talent Solutions

A forum that is specifically meant for the HR tech and talent management professionals having technical skills. An ideal place for tech HRs looking to enhance in fields such as cloud computing, blockchain, performance management solutions, and talent management software. One can gather, connect and share ideas in this forum.

👉Talent Management

Although this group may be small in numbers but is a sucker punch for the human resources industry. As we’re aware, talent management today is the new recruiting mantra and is a buzz in the industry. There are still many firms that needs support in their existing infrastructure. If you’re somebody looking to manage your talent at every aspect, then this group is ideal for you.

👉Human Resources Management (HR, SPHR, SHRM, Recruiter, Resources Manager, Talent Strategy & Staffing)

This group is deemed as a hub for articles, whitepapers, blogs, podcasts, events, author’s books and even conferences. Also, known as a central hub, you can find directors and HR managers on talent management, recruiting, staffing, compliance, payroll, conflict resolution and performance from across industries often visit this group to support members involved in projects, skills and development, statistical software, training, productivity etc.

As the pace for disruption accelerates at a break neck speed, skills will become the sole currency to enter the workforce. The HR talent management are finally catching up in learning what the industry seeks of them.

LinkedIn groups are considered as one of the valuable recruiter tool a social network offers, but if you’re yet to use LinkedIn to target the right talent, you’re leaving a lot of valuable resource on the table.

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