Stay in the Game: HR Job Hunt During COVID-19 Crisis

It might be difficult to level up your HR career during this pandemic. Know how to get prepared for the situation and get the right job you wanted to do always here.

ou may be laid off or furloughed or your company might have implemented salary freezes in response to 🔗COVID-19 pandemic. Any changes that are happening now seem appropriate, and one may easily sit back and wait. However, this is also the time to develop effective job search strategies and get ahead of your peers. One should not postpone the job hunt.

While you may get tempted to put the job search on hold during the coronavirus outbreak, most of the HR professionals say that businesses are as usual. The only change that is interviewed is occurring through conference calls or video calls rather than in person.

If you happen to be an 🔗HR professional, then the demand for your skills is high, as you are in front and center of bringing transformation in every organization across the globe. And, so is the competition. What can you do to get a noticeable resume and selected during this crisis period?

To be a differentiator and stand distinct among the competitors in the job market, be the game-changer rather than a follower. The way of working is changing and requires new ways of thinking. As business and employers’ demands are shifting, it is critical to stand out to navigate this patternless challenges.

Let’s find out the checklist here.

Think ahead of the curve

The situation is so that no one has a yardstick to measure the success or scale transformation in response to COVID-19 disruption. So, your prospective employers look for potential candidates who can support organizations through change, possess experience — both positive and negative, support run-offs, and right-sizing.

Employers are seeking candidates with blended skills demonstrating enterprise-wide value, cross-functional project work, and so forth to maximize cost savings while delivering business value.

Credibility to the profile is what employers are seeking, rather than having a list of corporate successes. If you can think ahead of the curve, have experience of initiating change at all levels, increase corporate agility, then you can win the race.

Embrace technology

Most of the organizations are going high-tech and this pandemic has just accelerated the digital transformation process. Organizations are finding ways to maximize opportunities for automation and many of the functionalities will get handled without the involvement of human beings in the future. To create a culture of innovation, it is essential to become innovative.

At this juncture, it is necessary to upgrade your skills, embrace technology, and get familiar with Artificial Intelligence, 🔗HR Analytics, and other technologies that improve HR operational efficiencies. Update your profile with trending skills and knowledge to be on the limelight.

Strengthen your online network

Its high time to network with people. You can use this self-isolation period for networking. It is a great way to lay the foundation for your HR career. Get connected with the people, HR professionals, colleagues, and increase your digital presence. Reach out to new and existing contacts and know what they are doing.

Update LinkedIn profiles, ask for recommendations, and join relevant groups. Partner with a well-procured headhunter and expand your C-level network. Take time to learn new skills, and turn disruptions into a competitive advantage.

Upskill and stay up to date

Be alert on trending topics and technology in the domain. You can opt for one of the 🔗best HR and talent management certifications in the market. Get trained yourselves and level up your skills to understand and meet the new market demands.

Use your extra hours to reskill and research target companies. Set up alerts for firms you are interested to work for. Follow them on social media, connect them, and keep a track of job openings.

To summarize…

It may be a frustrating period to wait for a job or getting a job. Many companies are still figuring out to fight coronavirus for their business. Many have hiring freezes while several companies are hiring new candidates. The process may not be as fast as it used to be.

Moving forward may seem complicated. But for the determined and fast learners, there is always away. Accept the prevailing challenges and find a way to address them. You will get what you want sooner or later.

Staying in trend by upskilling oneself will take you to new heights in career life amid disruptions.

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