The Benefits of Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™) Certification

HR disruption!

The time to reinvent talent management practices is here.

Even if your current job skills are yet to change, you need to upskill and prepare yourself

The drastic change in technology, globalization, and demographic globally impacts both the work and the workforce. This whole new context is disrupting talent management as we know, organizations realize their talent management practices are no longer meeting the needs of the industry. Instead, companies now shift their focus to attract and hire the talent they need. Besides understanding the needs of the industry, they have realized they should start treating talent as a critical resource.

Based on the current fast-paced environment, talent management possesses as an asset to organizations. Thus, HR leaders must start building strategic business partners leading to higher productivity of the organization.

There’s a new breed of talent management professionals whose focus is on management frameworks like agile management, behavioral economics, design thinking, and analytics to boost their human resource competencies.

The talent management practitioner (TMP™) offered by the Talent Management Institute is an ideal career choice if you’ve been working in the HR domain for one or two years. TMP™ Certification program takes you one step closer working with the talent management teams along with renowned organizations. The exams are delivered on the advanced ExamStrong™ exam platform. The duration of the exam may last for 120 minutes, most students prefer to take their exams in a private proctored mode.

However, as a TMP™, the individual must possess core characteristics such as — HR disciple, core business junkie, talent authority, production manager, and a trusted executive adviser.

The perks of taking up TMP™ certification

· Get to be among the elite leaders.

· CHRO’s are favoring young HR professionals having skills in talent management. Thus, certified TMP™ professionals are now being the most preferred candidates for their organization.

· You get to gain knowledge from the world’s best learning resources on talent management.

What you’re offered?

· The TMI Handbook for Practitioners — ideal for beginners (talent management professionals) looking to begin their career in talent management.

· An e-copy of exam guidelines — a step-by-step guide

· Get the liberty of accessing to the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™) and the TMI Body of Knowledge.

Becoming a certified talent management practitioner will only augment your ability to move across all practices related to talent management. Remember, this the first and foremost job skill an HR professional needs to adapt to get into talent management.

Why Talent Management Institute?

The Talent Management Institute (TMI) is a promising certification body recognized globally. TMI helps aspiring HR professionals leverage their skillset in talent management. A TMP™ certified individual is internationally recognized, keeping the candidate as a priority in every organization. Thus, they get cherry-picked by organizations looking to onboard talent management professionals.

In its mission, TMI exists as a platform to provide valid and reliable methods in talent management. Certification programs offered by TMI are well-structured offering the candidate the ability to validate skills and demonstrate your expertise. TMI offers certification programs that have a complete range of certifications, from the entry-level to the advanced level.

Certification programs from TMI heavily concentrate on the current industry trends to ensure the individual gets prepared to take up real-world challenges.

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