The Best Choices in HR and Talent Management Certifications

How do HR certifications help?

For employers

  • Easier selection of qualified candidates for HR positions
  • Determination of capability to perform up to the mark
  • Encouraging employees to perform better with up-to-date skills

For employees

  • Proof of dedication to career and staying up to pace with trends
  • Strong perception by talent leaders of capabilities, competencies, and qualifications for higher roles
  • More weight is given to suggestions and initiatives from the certified candidate
  • Better salaries and growth opportunities

Which are the best certifications for HR and talent management?

Talent Management Institute (TMI)

Talent Management Institute
  • Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™): This is a great first step for professionals looking to begin a career in talent management and HR. It proves knowledge in talent management and makes the candidate an attractive hire for HR recruiters globally. Combined with an HR degree, TMP™ establishes a career in a high-paying talent management function after an undergraduate degree. Register now!
  • Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP™): This is a great certification for mid-career HR professionals looking to move up into high-demand talent management roles. It proves skills in handling business landscape dynamics, workforce matters, and HR accountabilities to business, and is a great next step into the future of work. Register now!
  • Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™): This is considered the most prestigious qualification in the world for accelerating the growth of mid-career talent management and HR professionals into global leadership positions. It focuses on using a multicultural talent management approach and mindset to drive and optimize business results. Register now!

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)




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