The Significance of Getting Certified: Fast Track Your HR Career Growth Today

Selecting the right candidate for your organization is critical, specifically when you hire the wrong candidate. Hiring the right or wrong candidate can make or break business growth. But how do you know whether the candidate is the right fit for your organization? How do you evaluate their skills to be the perfect fit for a particular job role? An effective way would be establishing a credible certification as proof of competency.

Employers prefer professionals with certifications since these credentials determines the candidate’s competency level and whether he/she is the right fit for the organization. Certifications play a huge role in building the careers of tomorrow. The rise of digitization has engulfed every job in the industry today, be in the finance sector, the IT or even the human resources field. For candidates looking to build their professional and career growth as per the current requirement, a certification in the latest skills and technology is mandatory.

The modern workplace for the human resources field is taking a tremendous turn. A workplace futurist, Jeanne Meister said that new HR roles have emerged as technology takes over the job market. Companies are now looking to leverage AI (artificial intelligence) in their workplace. Have you considered how 2020’s workplace for human resources will look like? Certification for HR professionals and leaders is crucial in this ever-changing technology world. And to be honest, we’re all facing a revolutionary change and it is not just incremental, it is a continuous phase. Since the emergence of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’ve also seen workplace changing in profound ways.

87% of the workforce believes that the dawn of new age technologies such as AI and ML will only increase and improve their work environment. Professionals are even willing to invest time in acquiring these technology skills and replace their current skills, as per the research by Accenture and World Economic Forum.

A report by McKinsey predicts that there will be as many as 375 million workers across the globe that might need to switch job roles and learn newer job skills as 60% of the current jobs will have at least one-third of their daily activities to be automated. Thus, it is evident that professionals need to change their occupational categories and replace older skills with the new age technologies.

The human resources field is already facing the technology drift as new technologies such as artificial intelligence is already automating the work activity, displacing traditional HR roles and creating demand for better job roles with a range of newer skills. And HR certification equips you with learning skills for challenging job roles such as strategic HR management, organizational development, talent development, global compensation, benefits, global talent acquisition and so on.

How new age technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the HR world?

According to a study by Gartner, it is estimated that artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it destroys. 2019 is a year where the application of AI in improving jobs and workplaces will be decided upon and how workers are benefiting from it. As per a report by PwC, 20% of the executives in the companies based out of the U.S. will have their initiatives AI report rolled out across businesses. In addition to this, they’re also planning on investing in AI to improve work processes and reimagine jobs to further enhance the growth and success of the organization.

Looking at the bright side, it is already happening in the HR field.

  • Replacement of Administrative Tasks

AI lays emphasis in automating repetitive recruiting tasks i.e. sourcing resumes, providing candidates feedback, and scheduling interviews. This gives the HR managers and recruiters spend more time in managing strategic tasks.

  • Reducing Bias

An algorithm assessment platform providing language that is bias free helps in improving pool of candidates through AI. The advantage of having an assessment platform is because it can be programmed and audited if found bias, which is much convenient rather than removing human bias.

  • Narrow down Talent Pipeline

A major challenge that HRs often face while sourcing candidates. However, one should not be scared that technology is taking over, there are many products that one may use to evaluate candidates, workforce and build a smarter working environment.

  • Businesses Processes being Automated

AI helps in building or automating HR processes like HR ticketing through shared service function such as shared dashboard to improve businesses. This can help HR leaders find time to focus in building strategies, spend time with employees and business partners.

  • Enhancing the Efficiency

During recruitment, automation offers scalable heights in terms of providing efficiency. Irrespective of the number of candidates, every candidate receives a timely update.

Tips and tricks in hiring the right candidate

Apart from an HR certification, it is crucial that employers stress on certain points while making that hire for their organization.

  • Test for excellent learning and analytics skills

While this may seem tricky, one should not hire candidates merely because the resume looks impressive and is confident. Things written might be difficult to prove. A candidate having confidence is great, but a candidate with the latest skillset and relevant job requirement is greater. Gaining a credible HR certification is recommended, what employers really need to look right now is for candidates with the relevant skills and experience level.

  • Check for Culture Fit

You do not want to hire a candidate who is aggressive and adamant, do you? It is very important for companies to find a candidate who will be able to gel well with the company’s norm and culture. Check if the candidate has social skills, social skills is crucial to associate with managers and colleagues. Put up a question that will assess his/her compatibility skills. Willingness is one aspect that a candidate must have to get along with current clients.

  • Get Social while talking to the Candidate

This may seem awkward, but this can be a great strategy to assess the candidate’s social presence. It is predicted that over 90% of the companies prefer hiring through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

You’ll be surprised to find that there are several credible certifications for HR professionals found online. The best ones include platforms such as Society for Human Resource Management and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. However, if you’re looking for future HR job roles such as Global HR Leaders and Global Talent Management Leader then taking up certification from Talent Management Institute and Association for Talent Development is an ideal choice.

Remember that a certification enhances and build one’s career, especially if you’re starting off in a challenging role. In such scenario, what could be better than a certification that demonstrates your skills credibility.

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