Top 3 HR Certification Providers You Must Know

Given the business dynamics today, HR functions cannot operate independently. As a strategic business partner, they are partnering with business stakeholders and knocking down silos, with a unified vision.

Workforce planning, talent acquisition, talent management, learning, and getting involved with other departments to design and create ecosystems are in the loop. They are expected to promote a diverse and inclusive culture amid this pandemic as most of the businesses are working remotely. The challenges are new and many.

It is crucial for HR today to understand the business, understand the nuances, hire the right talent, and support the potential growth opportunities of a business. Looking beyond the geographical restrictions to hire the talent is also becoming the norm today.

Further, the other area to focus on is to adopt the latest tools and technology to enable smooth business transformation. With a growth mindset, HR professionals need more time for learning, coaching, and mentoring talent at all levels.

Creating the right ecosystems is of utmost importance. Employer branding, branding the organization through social media, data literacy, and technology background are all new and extended skills, that are adding up to their traditional skills.

At this juncture, it is high time to upskill oneself to cater to the changing needs and meet new challenges. Pursuing online HR professional certifications would be a great decision to learn while earning.

HR certification: Why should you earn

HR has undergone significant transformations and has moved beyond administrative functions. Earning an HR certification validate specialized knowledge and skills, and helps the professionals to sail through the changing waves easily. There is a range of dedicated certification courses available online for Analytics, Compensation and Benefits, Global Talent Management, and more.

Top 3 HR Certification Providers

There are several HR certifications from which you can benefit. HR certifications are available for every level of experience through the certification providers. Let’s understand the top three of them here.

Talent Management Institute -TMI

TMI credentials are popular among HR professionals for their new framework that enables the practitioners to infuse intelligent strategic power into Talent Management.

Today’s HR managers and CHROs are practicing Talent Management within their organizations. Earning these credentials, enables them to understand how talent management is directly connected to the business and its performance giving long-term benefits. TMI provides three credentials, namely

TMI credentials enable HR professionals at all levels to excel and step up their career ladder faster.

HR Certification Institute -HRCI

The HR Certification Institute is again a popular institute that caters to eight different credentials, of which two are most commonly preferred by professionals. Let’s see all the eight credentials here.

The Society for Human Resource Management -SHRM

It offers the prestigious HR certifications namely, SHRM-CP and AHRM-SCP.


These are some of the HR certifications and their providers you should know before taking up the course. Do your own research, understand your specialization and choose the best one that suits your interest and need.

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