Top 4 HR and Talent Management Certifications

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HR was previously considered effectively a part of corporate administration, handling routine tasks such as interviews, onboarding, appraisals, leave management, and exits. And most people perceived the main task of HR to be that of filling open job positions within an organization.

Over the years, the tasks handled by the human resource management team have changed quite a bit. HR is now considered a strategic partner to corporate leadership, and plays a key role in aligning talent management plans with corporate goals. HR professionals do not just hire to fill vacant job positions; they also onboard and train, evaluate performance, administer compensation and benefits, and engage in high-level policy and strategy development.

How do HR and talent management certifications help HR professionals?

HR professionals in the present day handle a wide range of responsibilities. To move up the ranks and make progress on their career paths, it is a great idea for an HR professional to pick up one of the best HR and talent management certifications. Such a certification is an ideal way for an employer to gauge the on-the-job performance of the HR professional and his/her dedication to staying up to pace with the latest trends in the world of HR. The employer is also likely to offer higher salaries and more growth opportunities to a certified HR professional.

Benefits for employers

  1. Ease of selecting a qualified candidate for an open HR position
  2. Help in determining likelihood of good performance by an employee hired into an HR role
  3. Encouraging HR employees to perform better by leveraging the latest skills and know how

Benefits for employees

  1. Proof of dedication to HR career and interest in keeping up with trends

2. Testament to capability, competence, and qualification to perform at a higher level

3. Higher weightage to decisions and opinion of certified HR employees

4. Better growth prospects and higher salaries

How should an HR professional choose a certification?

To choose the right HR or talent management certifications, it is important to understand the coverage of different certifications as well as to pick a certification from a recognized, respected institution that carries due weight with top employers across the world.

Here are the best certification choices for human resource management:

Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™)

The TMP™ certification is offered by the Talent Management Institute (TMI), which seeks to revolutionize how modern organizations seek success through leveraging their human capital. For modern HR practitioners, TMP™ is among the top choices in talent management certifications, as it is authoritative evidence of the potential and promise of the candidate. Based on the globally-tested TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™), TMP™ proves the candidate knows and understands critical principles, techniques, theories, and tools of talent management. The right candidate for TMP™ is either relatively new to an HR career or is about to graduate from a TMI-recognized institution; is extremely ambitious, hardworking, and result-oriented; and is passionate about HR and talent management.

SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)

SHRM-CP is offered by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), a much-respected institution striving to create better workplaces and serving as a convener, expert, and thought leader on key workplace issues. The right candidate for taking up SHRM-CP is an HR professional who handles the following responsibilities:

· Policy and strategy implementation

· HR service delivery

· Operational HR functions

· Serving as point of contact for staff and stakeholders

To be eligible to apply for SHRM-CP, a candidate must at least be working toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or other certificate program or diploma. Along with this, (s)he needs at least a year of experience in an HR role.

Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD)

APTD is another good choice in talent management certifications, and is offered by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), a body working for HR and talent management professionals who want to help employees better their workplace abilities, knowledge, and skills. The APTD exam covers talent development capabilities usable on a daily basis by professionals at any level in a company, and is meant for talent development professionals with at least three years of work experience and whose professional roles are concentrated on foundational aspects of the field. A candidate holding the APTD certification knows the role of talent development solutions and strategies in organizational success.

Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP)

A good choice for professionals looking for HR and talent management certifications, sHRBP is offered by the Human Capital Institute (HCI), an institution working since 2004 to build research-based learning resources on planning, recruiting, developing, and engaging people. sHRBP is for candidates wanting to work as strategic, high-impact HR partners to their businesses. It covers strategic mindsets and skillsets that help in growth for individual careers and for organizations. The intensive three-day certification program includes an interactive, hands-on learning experience, and includes work on real business challenges.



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