What are good certifications for Human Resources?

As an industry revolving around the development and growth of humans, HR is consistently confronting a state of change because humans, as we know it, are the ultimate variable. Corporate (read HR) survival today demands forward-thinkers and believers of rapid-change.

Trends change, advanced tools are introduced, and HR leaders are assumed to know them all.

Mastery of field and years of experience- are they enough? Is there any other way to work in tandem with the ever-emerging new technologies and approaches?

Will good HR certifications help?

Well, of course, they do. Having a reputed and good HR certification not only validates your skills but also prepares you for the future challenges by increasing your potential for promotions.

However, there are many industry-level discussions and debates going on around which certification has the most clout. But, per my research, these are the top 4 certifications in the industry today -


👉Designed exclusively for the beginners in the field, HRCI’s Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) certification is considered a one-stop solution for fast-tracking the career progression into HR. The aPHR is the first-ever certification that helps freshers prove their knowledge of foundational Human Resources.

👉If you’re studying for a career in HR or have been working in the same field for 1–2 years, then Talent Management Practitioner (TMP™) is a must-have qualification and designation for you. By showcasing your readiness to start working in the Talent Management teams, it’ll be a stepping-stone towards landing your dream job. Offering vendor-neutral certifications, TMP™ makes you a more attractive hire for the recruiters across the globe.

👉Considering how volatile the market is, HCI’s latest certification, CMHR, is designed to inculcate the skillsets you need to guide people through various changes. The certification also masters the individuals in — communicating effectively, bridging the gap between business strategy and change initiatives, and encouraging stability and addressing resistance.

👉Students in their final year of an undergraduate program who have at-least 500 hours of a practical HR experience or internship experience are eligible to enroll for the SHRM Certified Professional — SHRM CP certification. As a part of this, SHRM will also provide complete Learning System (content) to the students.

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