What makes a Talent Management Practitioner (TMP) Certification Great

Talent management: the next big business strategy in the front line.

It is the core key to business success. Multiple studies demonstrated companies with top talent has the highest probability of finding success in recruitment and retention. Talent management by itself vouches for committing toward recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining an employee.

The talent management strategy not entirely owned by the HR department, however, requires HR professionals to work with talent leaders within the company. What’s the entry gate toward talent management?

Well, for an HR professional with one or two years of work experience can now easily embark on their journey in talent management and upgrade their job role through the talent management practitioner certification (TMP) program.

Talent management practitioner certification via the Talent Management Institute (TMI)

· TMI’s TMP certification program is designed to help you grab concepts of talent management practices and take your first step to start a career in talent management.

· Once registered, you get the privilege of obtaining learning resources — The TMI Handbook for Practitioners.

· Access to the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™) and the TMI Body of Knowledge (only for Authorized Education Provider).

· Lastly, an e-copy of exam preparation guidelines.