What to do when you pass your TMI certification exam?

Visualize this scenario… six months ago, you created your myTMI account and signed up for a TMI certification exam. You studied hard from ‘Talent Management: The TMI Handbook for Practitioners’ — the core text for every aspiring TMI certified HR professional, and pored through other sources of talent management and HR knowledge.

Cometh the day, and you gave your best shot at 60 questions in a 120-minute duration on your ExamStrong-verified computer. And basis a statistical measure of the scores obtained by the global 85 percentile of examinees in a given time, congratulations — you cleared your talent management certification exam from TMI!

What exactly happens at the end of a TMI exam?

Once the online test is submitted at the end of two hours, the result can be viewed immediately. Along with this, the candidate gets an intimation by email with the result of the exam.

It is an occasion to celebrate! TMI exams are given in 183 countries across the world, and talent management practitioners with a TMI certification are proud bearers of a well-known and highly respected credential based on the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF) and the Talent Management Body of Knowledge (TMBoK). The TMI-UKF gives successful candidates access to comprehensive benchmarks and guidelines that they can embed throughout their organizations as functional components of HR. Employers are reassured that existing HR leaders and applicants have the requisite professional proficiency.

Share the news with the world!

Clearing a TMI certification exam is an impressive achievement, and this news deserves wider recognition. Successful candidates are issued a digital badge, instantly making their talent management certification from TMI a global credential. This digital badge is a digital token of a TMI certification, and contains a secure link to the TMI cloud. Persons granted access by the credential-holder can easily validate the authenticity of the TMI credential.

The digital badging adds credibility to the online professional presence of the candidate. (S)he can conveniently share this digitally and in a secure manner with an employer — current or prospective — who can in turn easily verify the certification. (S)he can easily showcase the credential in the form of a high-visibility icon on an email signature, a LinkedIn profile, a professional website, or a social media platform. The badge is authentic, reliable, and secure proof that the person has the capability, potential, and promise to shine as an excellent performer in demanding talent management roles.

Make space on your shelf for the TMI credential case.

The TMI credential case itself is a great reason for a candidate to want to earn the certification by working diligently and striving to qualify the exam as soon as possible. The coveted TMI credential is cased inside a classy, designer box, within which neatly tucked way is also a TMI designation lapel pin. Along with this, there is a useful booklet on the TMI Code of Ethics, which completes the credential case as a veritable trophy to treasure.

Maintain the validity of the credential.

Achieving the credential and becoming a TMI-certified HR professional, impressive an achievement as it is, is just part of the story. The candidate must ensure the credential is kept current and live by renewing it from time to time. TMI credentials have validity periods of three or five years (depending on the credential), and must be renewed within this time to demonstrate commitment to and competence in the talent management domain. When a TMI-certified talent management practitioner receives a reminder email for renewal, (s)he must visit the myTMI account, register for renewal, and pay the corresponding fee. There is no mandatory training, and the candidate must just complete a short-duration online refresher learning program based on the latest TMBoK.

This plan is a great way to maintain a hard-earned TMI credential and maximize its impact on the professional life of a candidate.

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