Why GTML™-certified professionals are Great Talent Leaders

The world of talent acquisition and talent management is changing fast, in sync with the dynamics of the business environment and the challenges from the massive pandemic crisis. The war for talent rages on as ever, though now within an atmosphere of stress and worry about business prospects and personal health and wellbeing.

There are several aspects to consider. Companies face particularly high-cost pressures amid business striving to do well amid the crisis and often resort to letting some of their best people go. This widens the talent pool from which managers can look to hire the best people. On the other hand, the uncertainty often has candidates deciding to stay in their current jobs where they are well settled, rather than moving to an unknown, new place and role.

Key challenges for a talent leader

  • Communication with employees: A manager often appears distant from the team, and this gap can be bridged only with communication that is effective and timely. What helps are advanced skills in listening and speaking, which lessen the stress on employees and protect the manager-employee relationship.
  • Tracking team performance and productivity: These are critical as teams performing to a low standard leave the company vulnerable to losing business to a fast-moving competitor. It is critical to get the requisite results while maintaining good relations with team members. Clarity on the expected targets and results helps to tackle the problem. New-age advanced performance and productivity tracking tools and solutions are useful here.
  • Proper hiring and onboarding: There is always the challenge of selecting the right candidates from among a large pool with several individuals appearing to possess the desired skills and competencies. In fact, 45 percent of employers find this a struggle. Wrong hiring can drag down team performance and morale, to avoid which proper selection assessments and opinions of team members offer further guidance. Virtual recruitment, remote work arrangements, and due attention to employee onboarding and wellbeing could avoid the experience of 88 percent of employees who were not onboarded properly.
  • Offering motivation: Not all work tasks challenge the imagination and create interest, and often it boils down to motivation. It helps to engage employees by showing them the bigger picture and making them aware of their role in taking the company toward strategic success as well as attaining their own goals. It is important to create anticipation and excitement about the future as well as the route to get there.

How does GTML help talented leaders in this regard?

Considering the multitude of challenges they face, global leaders cannot be successful just on the back of strong technical skills. They need to have strong leadership skills as well as the ability to drive business results.

This is where the 🔗Global Talent Management Leader (GTML™) certification comes in. Offered by the Talent Management Institute (TMI), the GTML™ credential is a TMI certification that helps individual leaders to learn and prove their competence and expertise in achieving excellence in the talent field. It shows they know how to leverage human capital management to achieve organizational goals.

A candidate who clears the 🔗 GTML™ certification exam possesses undeniable proof of having the skills to become a future talent leader at the global level. Here are some great reasons to join the tribe of GTML™-certified professionals:

  • Certification based on strong foundations of the TMI Body of Knowledge (TMI-BoK) and the TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF™)
  • High-impact live seminars on talent management conducted by experts
  • Key learning resources — ‘#Talentastic!’ and ‘Talent & The Future of Work’ — for a broader grasp of leadership challenges

Talent management is key to help organizations sustain the workforce and achieve their strategic goals. A talent leader who has cleared the 🔗 GTML™ certification program is an invaluable asset to this endeavor!

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