Why the STMP™ credential is great for mid-career HR professionals

A leadership role in a modern organization is no easy task. Across the world and in different industries, leaders on a daily basis confront broadly similar challenges — resource allocation, people management, revenues, and more.

Here is a look at the top challenges for leaders at the middle or senior management level:

  • Team leadership: The challenges here include building, developing, and managing teams. This requires managing big or new teams, instilling pride, and providing support.
  • Inspiration: It is important to inspire and motivate the workforce to work smarter and be satisfied with the work they do.
  • Learning and development: Employees require the latest and most relevant skills and knowledge, for which well-planned training, coaching, and mentoring are great options.
  • Improving effectiveness: The task is to develop decision-making, prioritization, strategic thinking, time management, and other relevant skills that allow more effective work performance.
  • Change management: The leader must understand, mobilize, and manage change. It is important to deal with consequences, resistance to change, and employee reactions to the same.
  • Stakeholder management: The aim here is the management of image, politics, and relationships. What helps is support from managers and buy-ins from other individuals, departments, or groups.

👉 How does talent management help?

An ongoing and wide-ranging process, talent management spans recruitment and succession planning; training, development, and mentoring; and promotion, rewards, and retention of employees. The goal is to align available talents with the goals and objectives of the organization.

To this end, talent managers design the organizational structure, define the goals for employees and assess their available skills, and fill the skill gaps. They work closely with CEOs to manage people toward strategic success for the organization. This also requires the identification of internal candidates for key positions, boost employee morale and retention, and helping the workforce achieve its potential.

👉 How can talent managers deal with their challenges?

The following concrete steps are helpful:

  • Setting goals: Timed goals are what keep work on track. Issues can distract but it is important to retain focus on critical outcomes. This helps to refocus on top priorities while handling other challenges.
  • Delegating work: This helps to tackle challenges and empower colleagues. It requires understanding people and their preferences, having clarity on the end purpose, and assessing and rewarding performance.
  • Prioritizing tasks: It is important to focus on tasks where the talent manager can uniquely add value.

👉 Is certification useful for talent managers?

The current business world places several demands on talent managers, especially at the mid-career level. To cater to these, it is a wise idea to opt for a talent management certification. The right certification helps the candidate to secure good work, make the employer and employees happy, and help the organization progress toward its goals.

A good option for certifications is the Talent Management Institute (TMI), which offers the 🔗 Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP) certification. STMP™ is a TMI certification ideal for mid-career professionals, helping them to navigate the evolving requirements of their roles with responsibilities such as people analytics, incorporating the latest HR tech trends, and creating inclusive workforces.

👉 How does STMP help mid-career HR practitioners?

HR professionals presently are estimated to be doing just 12 percent of the tasks their predecessors handled. With automation and outsourcing of HR sub-functions, leadership in talent management is helped by the 🔗 STMP certification program, which offers the right knowledge and skills to stand apart from peers.

Here are its pluses:

  • Self-paced, flexible program
  • Validation of skills in handling the business landscape, HR accountabilities, and workforce dynamics
  • Digital badging for a credible online professional presence
  • Internationally recognized and helpful in securing great HR roles across the world

If you are a mid-career HR or talent management professional looking to navigate modern workplace complexities with the knowledge and tools for organizational success, the STMP™ credential is the ideal qualification to forge ahead on the path to career success.

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